Air Tour

OCT Aerial Tour is the first aerial tour program in 5A theme park of China jointly put forward by Astro Air and OCT group. This program also provides the shuttle service for residents in OCT Tianlu and members of Yunhaigu Golf club. 


Introduction to OCT Aerial Tour Program

1.       Enjoy a bird view in the helicopter

2.       Enjoy the amazing scenery of Eastern Golden Coast and make a tour in OCT-the most beautify theme park in the world!

3.       Enjoy a bird view of the one of the busiest and most prosperous cities of the world-HK, and scout the most beautiful coast in Guangdong-Nan’ao Xichong Beach!


OCT Aerial Tour program a corporation between Astro Air and OCT group in 5A theme park in China.

In addition, the program offers helicopter shuttle service for OCT Tianlu residents and Yunhaigu Golf club members.

Robinson R44 helicopter is the only one helicopter aerial tour in OCT theme park. You can get a unique travel experience from a higher altitude.

During the tour, you can enjoy the view of Eco Park of Grand Canyon.

Chaxigu Holiday Park

Interlaken Town