Astro Air reach preliminary consensus with Tempus Group

06-01 15:58:07

On 24th May 2016, Chen Bairu, CEO and executive director of Astro Air, led his team to visit Tempus Group and reached a preliminary cooperation consensus with Tempus Group together with the chairman, president of Tempus Global Mr. Qiaohai and the president of Tempus Logistics Mr. Liu Yangjun.

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This strategic cooperation is bases on the growing demand of “air +travel”. By exploiting our respective advantage and resources, this consensus reached will become the first step of our win-win cooperation.

In order to exploit the strength and advantage of both parties and to strengthen customer development and enhance service integration and innovation, both parties will work together to expand the scope of business and continuously improve their service professionality and quality, and eventually, to enhance the value of both companies.

(Mr. Qiao Hai, president of Tempus Global(left),Mr. Chen Bairu, CEO of Astro Air(right))

Strategic cooperation-Operational level

Cooperation in general aviation

As a rising star in private jet industry, Astro Air’s cooperation with Tempus Global will covers area such as helicopter shuttle flight, aircraft charter and high-end customized travel solution. This cooperation is part of the collaboration integration strategy of standardization and one-stop travel service between aviation industry and tourism industry.


Cooperation in business trip solution

Tempus Global provides professional business trip solution through its global service network. The services provided include flight booking, hotel arrangement, convention and exhibition travel arrangement, travel management and financial management service. Base on this consensus, Astro Air will collaborate with the Tempus Global OTA online booking platform to integrate the hotel booking and travel arrangement service into a new level and thus greatly enhance our customer experience.


Cooperation in cross-border e-commerce and int’l healthcare project

Haidaowang is one of the most fruitful cross-border e-commerce project operates by Tempus Global.There are more than 0.3 Million products sales on this platform including OTO healthcare product, B2C red wine and food. Beside of that, there are 15 physical stores opened in China. The cooperation with Haidaowang’s modern and standardized logistic network and exhibition center network will greatly reinforce our mutual benefit.

Mr. Chen Bairu(first on the left), Mr.LiuYangjun(first on the right, Mr. Qiaohai(second on the right) )

About Tempus Group

Tempus Group was founded in 1998 and has been focusing on the concept of creating the entire modern industrial service chain. Its tourism solution, healthcare, international e-commerce, value chain, Industrial Park system, trade platform, international banking and international logistics solution business are now fully industrialized with brand advantage. In 2015, the total annualturnover of Tempus Group reached200 billion yuan.

Tempus Croup’s two listed companies, namely the Chinese A-share listed "Tempus International (300178.SZ)" and the Hong Kong main board listed "Tempus Holding (06880.HK)" has entered the capital market home and abroad. Their business covers more than 54 main cities in china and connects to more than 26 country and region around the world including USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, France and UK.