CEO Chen Bairu attend Mercedes-BenzNight of conquest (2016)

06-13 16:52:31

The Mercedes-BenzNight of conquest (2016) was perfectly presented by the Mercedes-Benz SUV family in the Shenzhen convention and exhibition center on 6th Jun. About 400 Benz SUV owners were gathering together for this great event. Mr. Chen, the founder, as well as the CEO and executive director of Astro Air, who was invited as general aviation specialistand Benz owner representative, role model of conquer-indomitably forward, has received extensive attention.



Along with its doughtiness and delicacy, the Mercedes - Benz new generation GLE SUV and GL E sport SUV present themselves to the audience. When speed meets beauty, when elegancy meets wildness, the new GLE sport SUV explain itself with its high level of comfortability and ride-worthiness and its great capacity of conquering different road condition.



On this great event, Duan Jianjun, Vice president of Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales Service Co., Ltd, depicted the brand spirit of Mercedes – Benz by sharing stories of Benz owners. Mr. Chen Bairu, who is known as the founder of Astro Air, has been drawing attention for his journey of founding this company with great passion and persistence, which has also became the practicing spirit of all Astro Air members. 



After three years of persistent fighting, Astro Air has successfully achieved the qualification of CCAR-91, CCAR-145 and CCAR-135 and has become one of the most eye-catching company in general aviation industry. In these three years, Mr. Chen combines resources, cooperates with the aviation bureau, and negotiates with business associate in all aspects, all to fight a way out in this changing and fluctuating environment. The successful operation of business jet and helicopter dual-operation mode and the pioneering operation of intercity helicopter airway among Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Guangzhou have been considered as groundbreaking business in this industry. And the practicing spirit of dare to try has become the key to the growing of Astro Air.


To believe, to embrace the world, to explore, to stride and to take responsibilities, these are the spirits that form the core corporate value of Astro Air. Success through efficiency is what makes this company one of the Shenzhen Miracle. And this is also theMercedes-Benz’s untiring spirit in pursuing the best.