The first CBD helicopter FBO landed in Shenzhen

11-02 23:35:20

The first CBD helicopter FBO, known as helicopter Fixed-base Operator,dedicated by Astro air, aimed to provide full range of helicopter service to citizen of Shenzhen, has landed in Excellence Futian Century Center. On Nov 2nd, the opening ceremony was hold in the Excellence Futian century center; the Vice president of the Excellence group attended the ceremony and gave speech. With the service provided, riding a helicopter to enjoy the view of the city of Shenzhenafter a sophisticated tea party is no longer a dream in movies. 

On the ceremony, CEO of Astro Air, Mr. Chen Bairu announced the introduction of two Bombardier Challenger 850 aircraft and one Bell 407 helicopter, and one of the challenger 850 aircraft will be dedicated to provide service for Excellence Group. As one of the special program, a 1:1 R22 flight simulator was set to provide flight simulation experience to our distinguished guests.After the ceremony, guests were invited to visit the helicopter landing point to have a better understanding of our FBO operation mode.




Astro air’s business has been growing since 2012. With the idea of perfectly demonstrating the cooperate image, exploring market and providing more efficient services, Astro air’s first CBD helicopter FBO, was designedlyset up in the Excellence Futian Century Center.


By making use of the Excellence Futian Century Center’s business aggregation advantage, the FBO integrates the marketing center, PRD VIP lounge, aviation experience center and Astro Ace Club communication center, serves with full range function including helicopter take-off and landing, parking, check in, flight support, security inspection, aircraft sales, aircraft charter, flight training and Concierge Service. VIP salon and product promotion event are launched periodically and a flight simulator was introduced. The FBO, besides of its traditional function, provides a platform for our customers to shareinformation and exchange resources with great efficiency.



The set-up of the Shenzhen CBD helicopter FBO was considered as a pioneering move in the history of general aviation industry of Guangdong. Under the marketing strategy of constructing Astro air’s Pearl River Delta helicopter flight network, the CBD business aggregation advantage and Excellence Group’s E-platform were perfectly integrated to provide sophisticated customized aviation services to our customers.TheCBD helicopter FBO projectin Guangzhou and Zhuhai has also been carried out and will come on line soon.