The signing ceremony between Buttonwood & Astro Air

11-25 23:59:04


On 2016 November 25, Hengqin Beautiful Crown Buttonwood Building formally signed Hengqin first helicopter FBO operating point with Astro Air, and starts flight test activities in the field which has drawn wide media attention. The guests attend the ceremony are: the heads of the management committee of Hengqin, representativesof IBC, real estate industry andButtonwood Project. Mr. Chen Bairu ,CEO of Astro Air,wasalso invited to attend the event as a signing party.


Vision on the Future of Low-flying

At 2 PM, the activity officially starts,the president of Astro Air Mr. Chen Bairu and the general manager of Buttonwoodbuilding project,Mr. Yu Fu, have addressed to introduced to the significance of the collaboration which make huge contribution to the development of Hengiqng, Hongkong, Macao and low flying delta network. Also, they sincerely look forward to the cooperation. Finally, Buttonwood Building signed a successful agreement with the applause of all the guests and added part indispensable to Zhuhai-Guangzhou-Shenzhen air route in Hengqin Free trade zoneand jointly witnessed the further development of general aviation industry in Hengqin.


The CEO of Astro Air, Mr. Chen Bairu is delivering a speech:

Thanks to the management committee ofHengqin for the support of the low-flying industry in Pearl River Delta, this cooperationwith the Buttonwood building has anepoch-making significance for both companies and the development of low-flying in Hengqin.TheFBO base of Astro Air will make full use of the geographical advantages of Hengqin port service area, andefficiently and accuratelymeet the demand of the high net worth population who centered on CBD. The low-flying of Astro Air will connectdots into network, building perfect Shenzhen-Hengqin-Macao and the Pearl River Delta regional inter-city helicopter flight network,provide citizens with more convenient way to travel, which is also the development directionof Astro Air helicopter sector.The similar city FBO has been launchedin GuangzhouZhujiangNewCity and will be put into operation in the future.


The general manager of Buttonwood building, Mr. Yu Fu is delivering a speech:

This FBO plan with Astro Air has double significance,delivered by Yu Fu.

On the one hand, consider the business development——through the analysis of the regional advantage ofHengqin port where high net worth population based and the growing low-flying business requirements in Pearl River Delta ,combine the nationalstrategy "the Belt and Road Initiatives", In the future, low-flying will become an indispensable business configuration for high-end business people . Therefore, through this cooperation Buttonwood Building will provide helicopter landing, charter, flight training and a series of comprehensive three-dimensional service forthe business customers in Hengqin-Macao-Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta.

On the other hand, to give back to the society, the Buttonwood building will serve as emergency rescue service point for future emergencies, and hope to make a contribution to societythrough the FBO service platform.

As a member of the free trade area, Buttonwood building carries out a core idea "develop Hengqin, serve Hengqin ", make contribution to the development of the South China Sea, and provide more high-quality service for the society in the future.


On the ceremony, all the representatives gathered together and discussed the future of low-flying industry in Hengqin. As well, the opening of the first FBO operation base in Hengqin is also presented.


Since Astro Air formally established in 2012, with the strong support and assistance from all the partners and customers, Astro Air continues to grow stronger.With the increase of business volume, in order to be able to show the image of enterprisebetter, get into the market better, provide efficient services for the general customersmore convenient, Astro Air is now focusing on the helicopter FBOconstructionin main urban centers in the Pearl River Delta.This first helicopter FBO operating point in Buttonwood building, which is the important part of the network layout of the inter-city helicopter route of Astro Air.