“Fly Above Clouds” Perfect Ending of Astro Air and Yuexiu Group Helicopter Flight Experience Activity

11-15 23:38:01

Astro Air held the helicopter flight experience activity “Fly Above Clouds” at Financial Building in Yuexiu, Guangzhou from 12th to 15th November 2016. This campaign was organized jointly by six cooperative partners: DiDi, Tick Carpool, China Mobile in Guangzhou, 3uol, BST and Astro Air. During this activity, more than 120 citizens spent 15 minutes enjoying the beautiful scenery of Guangzhou in the sky from the takeoff and landing point at the top floor of Yuexiu Financial Building in Zhujiang New Town by taking Astro Air Bell 407 helicopter.


This around-trip started from the top floor of Yuexiu Financial Building by way of new central axis of Guangzhou, Haixinsha, Xinghuihaizhu Bay, Ersha Island, Guangzhou East Railway Station and finally back to the original take-off point by flying over Zhujiang New Town. The whole process included successive surprises: splendid theme activities designed by co-host, flight experience live broadcasted by well-known net red, even couples proposed romantically in the air. This air journey not only brought unforgettable memories to all passengers, but also enabled participants to understand the history of Guangzhou’s urban development from another perspective and felt the new pattern of the three-dimensional development of Guangzhou’s future.





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In this activity, the takeoff and landing point at Yuexiu Financial Building was an important part of the intercity helicopter flight network of Astro Air in the Pearl River Delta Region, which fully demonstrated its role in improving the urban functions and optimizing the traffic timelines in the central business district. It has injected new business service elements into Guangzhou CBD and set an example of organic combination of aviation services and tourism industry and high-end property.



About Yuexiu Group


Yuexiu Group was established in Hong Kong in 1985. Having endergone 30 years of development, Yuexiu Group had ranked first in asset size of all state-owned enterprise groups in Guangzhou with leading performances in overall economic benefits and total assets exceeding RMB 400 billion by the end of 2015.

Yuexiu Group has developed and operated a number of business circles and commercial landmarks in Guangzhou. Yuexiu Financial Building is located in the CBD core area of Zhujiang New Town and the top floor helipad was designed by Guangzhou Air Force Survey and Design Institute, which is the largest and most standard helipad in Guangzhou. The several key indicators, including usable area, clearance condition, load-bearing capacity (6 tons), safety factor, maintenance cost and accessibility, are all in line with the flight safety standard.